US Steps Up Fight Against ISIS In Syria

ISIS: The Pentagon said that as part of the intensification of actions in Syria against ISIS, it carried out at least ten helicopter and ground operations in December to destroy or capture militant leaders, The Wall newspaper reported street journal.

The report, citing a command representative, notes that part of the operation was carried out jointly with US allies – the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

US officials acknowledged that the US Central Command (CENTCOM) conducted additional raids in Syria but declined to provide details.

Command spokesman Colonel Joe Buccino said, in particular, that each operation is carefully planned and the dangers associated with its conduct are considered. He stressed that this allows raids “without significant risk of civilian casualties or damage to infrastructure.”

The publication quotes the words of the head of CENTCOM, Michael Kurilla, who earlier last week said: “While ISIS is significantly weakened in Iraq and Syria, the group retains the ability to conduct operations in the region. We also know that it has the desire to strike outside the region “.

At the same time, the newspaper, citing officials, notes that despite the growing regional threat, ISIS does not pose an immediate danger to the United States. Currently, the number of American military personnel in Syria is about one thousand people.

The Turkish Air Force, in November of this year, attacked the positions of the SDF in northern Syria and Iranka. The core of the SDF is Kurdish armed formations, which Turkey considers terrorist structures.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “he will eradicate terrorism, which poses a threat to Turkish security.” At the same time, US Department of Defense spokesman General Pat Ryder said that the strikes threatened the security of the US military stationed in the areas affected by the strikes and called for an immediate de-escalation.