Ukraine, The EU Reiterates: Kiev Needs Better Supplies

The words of the High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell at the Munich Conference. The second day of work at the Munich Security Conference with the war in Ukraine at the center.

In the aftermath of the Chinese proposal for a peace plan, the European Union reiterates the need for greater military support for Kyiv. “Ukraine has enough motivation, but it needs ammunition. Ukraine needs to be supplied better”, said the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, during his speech. “We need more ammunition in a short time,” Borrell added.

Strengthen ammunition production in the EU

“Ukraine needs ammunition quickly right now . For this; we need to speed up production in the EU. In the short term, it is for Kyiv. But in the long run, it will serve us all”. This was expressed by the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, during his speech at the Munich Security Conference.
Kallas: “Putin does not get tired; even Hitler, no one believed”

“Russia doesn’t tire easily. We have seen what Putin is capable of, who clearly stated what he wanted to do. At first, no one believed Hitler, even though he had made clear his intentions. This is why we need to act and invest” in weapons production. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas stated this during her speech at the Munich Security Conference. “Ukraine must defend itself and cannot do it without ammunition.

For this, we need to speed up production. It worries me to know that there are not enough orders from the military industry to increase this production”, added the Estonian premier, who then concluded: “We have to counter the Russian military industry. Moscow blows up Europe’s monthly production in one day”, added Kallas, underlining that the need to increase investments in defense concerns Ukraine and all EU countries.