The US Embassy Advised Its Citizens To Avoid Places Of Action In Chisinau

Chisinau: The US Embassy in Moldova advised its citizens to avoid places of mass protests in Chisinau on Sunday. The warning was posted on the embassy website.

The report notes that the protest will be held in the afternoon near the parliament building. “Even peaceful demonstrations can become dangerous at any moment. US citizens are advised to avoid being in this area,” the appeal says.

At 13:00, a mass protest is scheduled near Moldova’s parliament building. It is carried out by the “For the People” movement, created by the “Shor” party. In the fall, this political formation already held protests demanding the resignation of the government and the president and the holding of early parliamentary elections. Then the actions stopped after law enforcement agencies searched the party’s offices and seized large sums of money to organize protests. Several people were arrested.

Ilan Shor, who speaks at demonstrations via Skype, was sentenced by the first instance to 7.5 years on charges of participating in the theft of a billion dollars from the banking system of Moldova. He hides in Israel. The Moldovan government has applied to the Constitutional Court with a request to recognize the Shor party outside the law.

Meanwhile, the General Inspectorate of Police of Moldova said that “the police will not allow provocations during the protest on Sunday.” In a released message, the police called on all participants in the upcoming protest “to hold a peaceful rally and follow the instructions of law enforcement officers.”

As emphasized in the message, “we assure you that the police will intervene and stop any actions that will threaten the safety of citizens or participants in the event.”

Shor deputy Marina Tauber said, “the action will be peaceful and aimed at obliging the government to fully pay citizens’ bills for gas, electricity, and heating for three winter months.”