The Taliban Called On Bulgaria To Punish Those Responsible For The Deaths Of Migrants From Afghanistan Near Sofia

Taliban: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban movement that controls Afghanistan called on the Bulgarian authorities to punish those responsible for the deaths of migrants from Afghanistan.

“We want all international organizations and especially the host country to arrest and bring the traffickers into the hands of the law,” the Taliban said in a statement released Sunday in Afghan media.

Last Friday, the Bulgarian media, citing the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria, reported that the bodies of 18 illegal migrants from Afghanistan, who died as a result of suffocation, were found in an abandoned truck near the village of Lokorsko, not far from the Sofia ring road. The bodies were found in a special cache under a body of timber. In total, at least 50 people were allegedly in the van, and 34 survivors were hospitalized in the capital’s hospitals for medical care, including five children.

The truck drivers, who, according to the migrants, fled, were put on the wanted list. The owner of the truck was detained after he himself went to the police to report the theft of the car.

The Taliban Foreign Ministry expressed condolences to the families of the sufferers of the tragic incident and called on all Afghans not to endanger their lives by trusting scammers and smugglers.

In a previous post,18 people were found dead in a truck near Sofia, Bulgaria, the local BTA news agency reported on Friday.

According to preliminary data, there were migrants in the truck; they were hiding in a hiding place under a load of wood. There are survivors. Thirty-four people have been sent to hospitals, according to the agency. Among the dead – a child aged 6-7 years.

The route of transportation for migrants is established. Unfortunately, the truck driver ran away.