Kamala Harris Accuses Putin And Warns China: Don’t Help Him

The Chinese Wang Yi, has insisted on the need to reach peace talks. So he today expected the meeting with the American Blinken. It is the first meeting after the “balloon crisis.” The wait was all (or almost) for Wang Yi, the plenipotentiary for the foreign policy of the Chinese Communist Party.

But it was Kamala Harris who made her mark at the Security Conference in Munich, Germany, first accusing Russia of “committing crimes against humanity” and then curtly warning China: if you help Moscow, there will always be more dead in Ukraine.

This would make the world more vulnerable.” There is no risk-free operation. “The United States will continue to sustain Ukraine, and so did American Vice President Kamala Harris’s address at the Munich Security Conference.

We need to support countries vulnerable to Russian aggression.” “It is necessary to provide Moldova with various ways of supporting it as soon as possible.

G7 members, meeting on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, “reaffirmed their commitment to continue supporting Ukraine in exercising its right to self-defense against Russian aggression, including providing military and defense assistance.

War crimes, the renewal of support for the attacked Ukraine, and a prospect of mediation launched by China: are some of the topics that were addressed at the Munich Security Conference, which US Vice President Kamala Harris attended alongside the leaders of the world.