Britain And France Hope That Russia Will Change Its Mind About Suspending Participation In The START

START Treaty: The British authorities hope Moscow will reconsider its decision to discontinue its participation in the START Treaty, a spokesman for British Prime Minister Max Blaine said on Tuesday.

“Arms control is essential to the security of our planet,” Blaine was quoted as saying by the Western media.
France, in turn, expressed regret over the announced decision and called on the Russian Federation to return to START. “France recalls that the START Treaty is the main instrument of the international architecture of nuclear arms control and strategic stability. (…) It calls on Russia to show responsibility and quickly abandon its announcement of suspending participation,” the French Foreign Ministry said.

The document notes that France took note with concern of the statement that the Russian Federation is ready to test a nuclear weapon if the United States carries it out.

Paris also recalled the importance of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in the Atmosphere, Outer Space, and Under Water, “which Russia has signed and ratified.” “Finally, France calls on (…) Russia to concede with the declaration of the heads of state and government of the Five on January 3, 2022, on the prevention of nuclear war and an arms race,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said earlier on Tuesday announced that Russia was breaking its participation in the New START Treaty.